Turtle Watching in Kyrenia

Turtles Kyrenia

Baby turtles hatch from their tiny little eggs then run straight to the sea to start their new life. Watching the magic of baby turtles begin life is a magical experience that can be found in special spots in Cyprus. One of the beaches is Alagadie Turtle Beach in Kyrenia where you can see this tiny little miracle.

During the spring, around the month of May, is the best time to go turtle watching to see the mothers actually laying the eggs. The baby turtles generally hatch in July in the hot season. It is fairly easy to find the turtles on your own, but we do recommend getting a guide for the best experience.

When the mother turtle is 20 years old she begins to breed, before that they have not reached the level of biological maturity needed for mating. In the middle of the night the mother turtle creep onto the shore to lay the eggs. They bury the eggs down in a tiny little hole in the sand where they are hidden and protected until July.

When the turtles hatch in July, the first thing they do is scuttle towards the sea. This process is frequently interrupted by coast-line development, but Northern Cyprus has taken great care to make sure the turtles have a clear path to the sea. You will notice that groups of turtles usually hatch together. This is because when one egg hatches, the others are very sensitive to any heat and motion. All the eggs that are together will hatch together!

Not all hatching spots are protected and monitored. If you are on the beach, seeing the baby turtles hatch, it is imperative you do not touch them. It is an important part of their life cycle to find their own way to the waves.