Take a Break at the Limassol Zoo Garden

Limassol Zoo

We love the location of this Cyprus, zoo and gardens located by the seaside aren’t something most of us have in our neighborhoods. While the size of the zoo and gardens are pretty small compared to some of its counterparts internationally, it is still a lovely place to spend the afternoon.

We love Cyprus’ beaches, historic landmarks and cuisine, but it is nice to mix up activities on vacation. If you are staying in the Limassol area the Limassol Zoo is definitely worth dropping by. The zoo is located right in the Limassol downtown location, so you do not have to go out of your way if you are staying in the area.

If you have kids, it may be worth going a little out of your way, because we all know how children love the zoo. Many of us have fond memories of the zoo that we love to pass onto our children. The zoo even has scheduled feeding times that are accompanied with an educational talk.

Adults and children alike can enjoy the live and taxidermy animals, along with beautiful plant life scattered all along the park. Instead of cages, most exhibits have glass which makes for excellent views and photographs of the animals.

It is a very cheap to get into the park, and the entrance fee is only five Euros. If you are rushing the visit, you can see all the exhibits in one hour, but if you want to take your time you can take three to four hours.

In the summer you may want to consider going in the afternoon or early in the morning due to the discomfort the heat can have. If you get hot the park is small enough that you can walk through pretty quickly without too much incident.

If you want a drink and a snack afterwards, there is a café located on the zoo’s premises. The prices are pretty low and the food is okay. If you have it planned ahead, you may want to choose elsewhere to dine. Limassol has many dining options to choose from that it is a shame to spend money on a mediocre dining experience.