Why Rent a Villa in Cyprus?

Cyprus Villas

If you are planning for a week-long holiday in Cyprus, you may want to consider renting a villa. For those of you who don’t know, a villa is a private house or beach house you can rent for a week in Cyprus.

My favourite part about renting a villa during holiday is being able to make meals from local produce, being able to be out by the pool creating a BBQ for the family. Without a kitchen, holidays can get very expensive. Having every meal out every day at a restaurant while on holiday, even with relatively low Cypriot prices, can add up very quickly to make holidays very expensive. On top of that, once you have explored Cypriot markets with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat you may be extremely tempted to cook. While on holiday, we don’t want to cook every meal, it is nice to have the option.

Besides saving on food, usually it is cheaper per day to rent a villa. Even in some of the more extravagant villas in Cyprus, it is much cheaper to rent a place than pay nightly fees at most hotels. There are villas to match just about anyone’s budget, but be weary some villas are cheap due to them being located in less than ideal areas. Besides not having a maid to turn your sheets over, there is very few advantages to most hotel amenities when compared to the amenities of a villa.

What about a pool? A lot of villas in Cyprus will have a swimming pool. It gets very hot in Cyprus, so we love our pools. Even without a pool, it will encourage you to get out to the beach more often.

Villas are like a home away from home. Some people rent the same villa every time they come to Cyprus. There is something nice about having a familiar home base while you are off holidaying in a foreign country.

A Ride or a Movie: MoviXD in 6D

MoviXD 6D Cinema Larnaca

A little treasure for children and adults alike in Larnaca is the 6D Cinema, or MoviXD. For now, most titles are aimed at children, but we’re told to stay tuned for adult options being added soon. Right now some of the titles include Bumper Car, Pirate Story and Snow Ride that are all fun and not too long.

The idea of the theatre is to add sound, smell and touch to the movie going experience. It does this with their specially constructed seats and 3D screening. The multi-sensory experience is really great for kids. Do not worry if your child is a little timid, because most actually take the experience quite openly.

If you are sick of the beach, sun-burned, experiencing rainy weather or just want to try something new, this can be a great way to take a break with the family. It is suited to children, so you do not have to worry too much about being a disturbance in the crowd.

Tickets vary in price, depending on the showing. We recommend trying to ask for special at the box office, because you can frequently get a deal if you know to ask.

As an additional note if you are pregnant or have a heart condition, the ride is probably not suitable for your viewing. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to sit this one out. There are very few other restrictions on viewers, and all ages are more than welcome!

There is no café or restaurant attached to the theater. We recommend grabbing a bite to eat before or after the show. Sneaking in snack is a bit inadvisable, because it can end up being a bit of a mess when the seats are moving. Most won’t be thinking about food while watching.

Cyprus Bailout Levy

Cyprus Bank Bailout

Since 2008, the European banking system has been under great stress due to bad mortgages leading to bank failures and bail outs for Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and now Cyprus. In March 2013, the Cyprus government is negotiating a Cyprus bailout levy in exchange for €10billion ($13billion) from the European Union and International Monetary Fund. The levy is very unpopular with the people.

Bailing Out Cyprus Banks

The Eurozone agreement with Cyprus amounts to a levy of 6.75% (or 3%) on deposits below €100,000 and 9.9% (or 12.5%) above. The original plan has faced strong opposition. The bankers and politicians attempted to put their plan into effect over a three-day weekend. There was not enough support in the Cyprus legislature for the original levy, so there was a shift to increase the tax percentage on higher incomes.

Meanwhile, the original three-day “Bank Holiday” has been extended to a week. The title, “Bank Holiday” is a misnomer because it means that customer accounts are frozen. This has increased the uncertainty in capital markets. The UK has rightly identified the economic downturn as a “Credit Crunch.”

Theft, Tax or Levy

Banks prepared for the levy by freezing the allocated amount from accounts. They also placed capital controls in place to restrict electronic money transfers. Other nations have seen money flow out of their countries after experiencing financial troubles. Banks offered shares in the failed institutions in exchange for the levy.

Needless to say, savers were outraged. Consumers claimed this was theft, robbery and stealing. Why were savers being punished for the failures of banks? One disgusted customer drove his bulldozer in front of a bank. Depositors were lined up in front of ATMs to withdraw as much money as they could. Some customers are living paycheck-to-paycheck and any reduction in their savings would be tough on them.

Spreading Disease

The international banking system is all tightly connected. Lyndon Larouche compared the 2008 Banking Crisis with the Bubonic Plague of the 1300s. The use of a quarantine prevented the Bubonic Plague from spreading. Unfortunately, the 2008 Banking Plague has not been contained.

Cyprus had significant exposure to Greek loans. Cyprus leaders claimed that this bailout levy was required due to a “state of emergency.”

Fear of Bank Panic

The greatest fear of a financial institution is a bank run or panic. Unfortunately, this may be occurring in Cyprus. Depositors will wonder if their money is safe. As customer accounts are frozen, there is less capital for consumer spending. This could damage the entire European banking system.

The Island of Sin or The Island of Aphrodite

Island of Sin or Island of Aphrodite

Before you come to Cyprus, you may marvel at the small size of the country on the map. When you come to Cyprus you’ll be amazed by the diverse range of activities in such a “small” place. Whether you want to go bird watching, tour wineries, see ancient ruins, go clubbing or just lay in the sun, Cyprus has it all.

Some have referred to Cyprus as the Island of Sin while others refer to Cyprus as the Island of Aphrodite. We like to think that we’re both, but you can experience whichever half you like. That is why it is imperative when you plan your trip to Cyprus, you know exactly what you are looking to do with your holiday.

If you want to go clubbing, see live music and live there is no tomorrow, Ayia Napa is the place to go. People travel from around the world to immerse themselves in Ayia Napa’s night life. There is a large cluster of bars, clubs and lounger concentrated together to explore. To cure yourself of any residuals effects of drinking, you can go sweat it off on the Ayia Napa beaches for the day.

For a more laid back experience there are a variety of trips you could plan. You can go to a quiet village like Lemona that has wineries located near it. You can go up to villages nestled in the Troodos Mountains for skiing, craftsmanship and beautiful views. Or you can hang out with the locals in our diverse capitol in Nicosia.

The possibilities are truly endless in Cyprus. It can be hard to choose what, when and where you are going to go. The great thing about being a small island is that most destinations are within close proximity. You can plan a trip with multiple destinations if you plan a car to experience different parts of the country. We’re excited to have you come, and remember you could always plan another trip to experience a different part of Cyprus!

Coral Beach Hotel and Resort Top International and Affordable All-Inclusive Resort

Coral Beach Hotel Paphos

CNN recently featured Coral Beach in Paphos, Cyprus in an article highlighting the top ten all-inclusive resorts on a budget. The article was searching destinations that have no catches, like the beach being a long ways away while still being affordable. Budget Travel included Coral Bay as one of the £60 per person per night.

Why do people stay in all inclusive resorts? If it includes all alcohol, food and lodging it really can be cheaper. Also, sometimes it is nice not to have to leave your destination once you finally get there. While we believe in exploring the area you go visit, we can understand just wanting to lounge away vacation with martini in-hand and food an order away.

Coral Beach offers a stunning 164-foot swimming pool that British Olympic swimmers actually use for training. If you keep your eyes peeled you might actually see one of the swimming Olympians! The resort overlooks the inspiringly blue Coral Bay that offers safe and sandy beaches for the family.

When you have dinner you can watch the boats in the harbor float by while feeling the breeze of the Mediterranean. The dinner service and service in the resorts is very helpful and friendly. Rarely are there any reports of a surly staff member, because Coral Beach takes care of their staff.

The rooms have a nice modern theme all with splashes of bright blues and aquatic themes that match the balconies that overlook coral bay. You can spend many an evening sipping wine on your balcony while looking out at the sea.

The one downside we would say is that the resort is beginning to show age. Some of the furniture, fixtures, etc could use a bit of refurbishing. Nothing scary though! Just if you want your hotel to have the feeling it was just built, this probably isn’t the resort for you.

A Guide to Cyprus Nightlife

No matter where you are in Cyprus you will be able to find somewhere to indulge your enjoyment in the nightlife. Whether it is in a small taverna you stumbled up on in a village or having a bottle of wine on the beach with your sweetheart, nighttimes are magical in Cyprus.

When you really want a going out scene, you will need to hit up either Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol and/or Phaphos. All have a little something different to offer, let us give you an overview.

Ayia Napa- If you really love partying in a crowd, this is a top European city of the nightlife. In short, you must stop by for at least one night. More than 20 nightclubs are along the main strip, in between those are bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Some places stay up as late as 6 am for those who want to dance the night away.

Larnaca- Bars, cafes and tavernas line the beachfront, and before you know it you’ll be swaying with the palm trees. If you want something a little more quiet and romantic, there are theatres and lots of restaurants scattered through-out the city.

Limassol- The nightlife scene here is pretty much a less crowded version of Ayia Napa with a refined twist that matches more mature tastes. If you are not into crowds, this is the going out city for you.

Paphos- This city features more family-friendly entertainment, but there are some bars and clubs for those seeking night life. This could be good for parents who can leave the kids behind for a night to explore, but don’t have to worry about the kids being in danger.

Nicosia- A city that is pretty full of itself, but it definitely has earned the more heady attitude. The bars, cafes and clubs have a more cosmopolitan feel that are, of course, a little more expensive. Great for those who want to deal a more tame crowd with refined taste.

What is Meze exactly?

If you are visiting us here in Cyprus, you are going to eat a lot of delicious Meze. So what is in this mysterious Meze you may ask? Well, there is no one set thing that is Meze, so we have a bit of explaining to do.

Cyprus Meze

Meze is a small dish that is shared with friends. The dish will come out, then everyone will get a plate, and you divvy up your portions. You may think- so it is an appetizer, right? Not really. An appetizer is meant to whet the appetite for a meal. Meze is supposed to be paired with a drink, scenery or conversation, it is meant to enhance the moment. You can nibble between sips of wine or ouzo.

Frequently, when you get Meze, you will get other Meze to accompany it. It then becomes Mezethes. You can adventure from small dish to small dish to explore different textures, flavors and aromas that the particular place may offer. You can also order light meze before a meal, similar in the manner of ordering appetizer before entrees.

One of my favorite ways to experience Mezethes is to order a bottle of wine then order a bunch of different plates. It is so fun to have a little of everything instead of one heavy entrée that does not let you explore the variety offered by the restaurant or taverna.

What is in the actual Meze will just depend where you are. If you are along the coast of Cyprus you can expect lots of seafood meze. Through out Cyprus lamb meze is very popular, and very delicious when done right. You can even find places that have vegetarian meze, but do not assume vegetarians will be accommodated everywhere.

One of my favorite meze is Gavros Marinatos. It is a simple dish of sardines marinated in oil. Now these are not your canned sardines, they are fresh, juicy and delicious sardines. If you think you don’t like sardines, and haven’t had a fresh one, you just haven’t eaten it the correct way yet. Fresh is the only way to eat sardines.

We encourage you to be adventurous while you are in Cyprus. Try something new, and you will be surprise by what you enjoy. Cyprus tavernas offer some of the finest dining in the Mediterranean.

Lace, Silver and Wax: Adventures in Lefkara

Lefkara House

The Lefkara village blooms from the foothills of the Troodoos Mountains where picturesque stucco residential and commercial building line the streets that rise gently up and down with the hills. The village has been around for centuries, but the first historical record we can find is in the testament of Saint Neophytos in the 12th century. As you walk the lonely streets of the quiet village at night you can feel the ghost from the Byzantine Empire on forward wonder the streets.

Besides walking with the ghosts, there is plenty of fun to be had with the living in this small village with a tiny population of 1,000 people. Usually during the summer season there are some tourists to be found mingling along streets with the residents who probably were attracted to the quaint village for similar motivations that you’ve decided to make your journey to this village outside of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

When you are in here we encourage you to check out the lacework and silver crafts that the town specialises in. Frequently you will see elderly ladies, street side handcrafting intricate lace designs that will take your breath away. There are certain things that machines in our industrialized cannot repeat when it comes to intricate lacework. This will become obvious to you when you explore the various lace shops in the town.

You will also want to stop by the Lefkara Wax museum. This museum features hundreds of wax figures that represent different parts of Cyprus history, back to the Bronze Age. It is a quirky way to experience Cyprus history that will show you another aspect of the handcraft items that Lefkara enjoy sporting. Each wax figure on display takes two months for a team to design.

There are chapels, churches and monasteries scattered all over the town to explore if that is your thing. Many of them date back to the 11th century, so even if churches aren’t your cup of tea it can be quite a site to see. If are visiting keep in mind to wear less revealing clothes, and that most places of worship in Cyprus do not allow photographs.

There are plenty of dining and lodging experiences to be had, and you may want to take a couple of days to explore this cute village. You can even camp 20 km out of town at the seaside camping site Governor’s beach.

Paphos Information

Paphos Castle

Paphos (Pafos):

As compared to the capital cities of both Northern and Southern Cyprus, Paphos is for those who wish to enjoy their holiday in a relatively stress free way. The quiet suburban area is surrounded by historic parks and landmarks with cozy hotels and jazz clubs. Music is given a lot of preference in Paphos, and there is an assorted range of musical associations and theatres, where tourists can enroll themselves for short classes or enjoy performances by various artists.

Paphos is extremely famous for its Archeological Park, where the lake view is fascinating. The Cyprus ride is also a great tourist attraction, where travelers get to ride a horse around the small city and see its beauty while galloping away. For kids and adults alike, the Super Aphrodite Water Park is a must to cool off the heat and enjoy screaming in the water rides.

Like all the other cities of Cyprus, Paphos is not behind in history in culture. It offers a range of museums and cultural sites from the Ottoman era, as well as monasteries from the Byzantine period.

Paphos is also home to all animal lovers, where tourists can enjoy the Bird and Animal Park and have a great time feeding the monkeys and running after the ducks. It’s best for one of those afternoons, where visitors would want to enjoy nature and its wonders.

When it comes to nature, the Adonis Baths Waterfall and the Coral Bay are two places where tourists go for relaxation and meditation. These places are a little outside Paphos and prove as a great fishing point as well as a quick swim. The pools are relatively smaller, but good fun.

Paphos also offers a variety of games, such as golf and hockey. The Secret Valley Golf Club and Tsada Gold Club are two associations, which have several golf courses and where visitors love to go for a game or two.

For youngsters, Paphos has Bar Street, which is lined with a small range of hip bars and trendy night clubs, where a night out with friends is the best way to have fun!

Larnaca Information



Larnaca or Larnaka is the second biggest city of Cyprus and a major tourist attraction. With a spectacular sea-front holding a captivating feel, it attracts the largest number of visitors coming into the island for a stress free vacation. The city also holds ground to the biggest airport in Cyprus.

Larnaca’s economy has grown since 1975 and that too majorly through tourism. After the closing of Nicosia’s International airport, Larnaca’s airfield and seaport played extremely vital roles in the economy of the island.

Larnaca has a range of learning institutions especially for higher education and many Europeans take interest in coming to this exotic little island for further studies.

According to some reports and surveys, Larnaca’s never-ending highlights and beautiful sea front always causes the tourists to extend their trip to a week or so.

Some of the major tourist attractions is Larnaca are as follows:

Larnaca Salt Lake:

The first vision of delightful interest, as soon as one leaves Larnaca International Airport, is the Great Salt Lake, which was a gulf in primeval period. The greatest thing about this lake in times of today is how, during winter, more than eighty species of birds mostly flamingos; migrate to this part of Cyprus. The area is actually a network of four salt lakes, covering a surface area of 2,2 sq km. Larnaca Salt Lake is an absolutely stunning place for a romantic evening out with your partner along with a picnic basket!

Saint Lazarus Byzantine Church:

Saint Lazarus Byzantine Church is the important monument in the entire island of Cyprus, and established in the centre of Larnaca. The only church in Cyprus which has a touch of all the eras that took over the island for centuries. The art is spectacular with hints of byzantine in its stone work and carvings as well enormous bell towers that the Ottomans had put up. Saint Lazarus is a major tourist attraction for everybody coming in to visit Larnaca and a special eye-candy for all history lovers.

Europe Square:

This area came into existence during the rule of the British and the entire square is festooned with British Colonial buildings, some of which are also open for a visit. People come in to have a look at the famous Municipal Art Gallery, Historic Archives Museum and the Larnaca Municipal Cultural services. The old warehouses were also restored and customized in the form of small art galleries and museums and the name Europe Square was given by the municipal council to honor the European Union.