Platres Cyprus


Platres has its roots from the British Colonial times, and was an extremely put together resort for the élite and influential during the olden era. The kings of Egypt came to Platres to rest for a while before returning to their kingdom.

The picturesque spot has a fascinating range of forest walks, splashing watercourses, and a few pubs at some of the best hotels Cyprus has to offer.

Platres is the vacation place for hikers, trekkers and adventure seekers. Offering water sports, and a mountainous range, it is the place to retreat for a few days and just have fun.

Retirees prefer the hills to the beaches and often make their way to Platres where nature plays its wonders along with a massage from the spas situated at almost every hotel.

Although Platres is not as chic as it was before, it is still successful in bringing in quite a bit of tourism, because of the beauty it has to offer.

The hilly area is quite famous for its cuisine and offers some of the best meals in Cyprus.

Hikes hiking:
Hikes offers four different hiking routes for tourists, according to the height and track they’d like to go to. The center, meeting point is available through taxis and buses both, and many vacationers take avid interest in this sport.

Cleopatra’s shop:
Situated in a gorgeous, ancient dwelling, this eerie shop captures interest of many. Not only does the shop provide souvenirs of Cyprus, the sisters who run the shop eagerly share the history of their land with many visitors happily, free of any cost. The shop also has many ancient ruins of Platres, which were found during evacuations.

Psilo Dendro Restaurant
Psilo Dendro is the best restaurant in Platres, where it’s always hard to get a table. Visitors are advised to make reservations beforehand, to enjoy the delicious meals it has to offer. Fish lovers would love this little place, as it is also a trout farm, where fish is fresh and tasty.