Paphos Information

Paphos Castle

Paphos (Pafos):

As compared to the capital cities of both Northern and Southern Cyprus, Paphos is for those who wish to enjoy their holiday in a relatively stress free way. The quiet suburban area is surrounded by historic parks and landmarks with cozy hotels and jazz clubs. Music is given a lot of preference in Paphos, and there is an assorted range of musical associations and theatres, where tourists can enroll themselves for short classes or enjoy performances by various artists.

Paphos is extremely famous for its Archeological Park, where the lake view is fascinating. The Cyprus ride is also a great tourist attraction, where travelers get to ride a horse around the small city and see its beauty while galloping away. For kids and adults alike, the Super Aphrodite Water Park is a must to cool off the heat and enjoy screaming in the water rides.

Like all the other cities of Cyprus, Paphos is not behind in history in culture. It offers a range of museums and cultural sites from the Ottoman era, as well as monasteries from the Byzantine period.

Paphos is also home to all animal lovers, where tourists can enjoy the Bird and Animal Park and have a great time feeding the monkeys and running after the ducks. It’s best for one of those afternoons, where visitors would want to enjoy nature and its wonders.

When it comes to nature, the Adonis Baths Waterfall and the Coral Bay are two places where tourists go for relaxation and meditation. These places are a little outside Paphos and prove as a great fishing point as well as a quick swim. The pools are relatively smaller, but good fun.

Paphos also offers a variety of games, such as golf and hockey. The Secret Valley Golf Club and Tsada Gold Club are two associations, which have several golf courses and where visitors love to go for a game or two.

For youngsters, Paphos has Bar Street, which is lined with a small range of hip bars and trendy night clubs, where a night out with friends is the best way to have fun!