Nicosia is without a doubt the largest city of Cyprus, located at the centre of the island. Nicosia serves as home for the oldest and most beautiful museums as well theatres for performing arts. The old part of the city is bordered with parks and settings from the ancient world, while the new city holds its head high with many skyscrapers and work places.

Some major museums as well as tourist attractions that Nicosia has to offer are as follows:

Cyprus Museum
National Struggle Museum
Nicosia Municipal Arts centre
Leventis Municipal Museum
Byzantine Museum
Museum of the History of Cypriot Coinage
Ledra Observatory Museum
The Cyprus Classic Motorcycle museum
The Nicosia Municipal Theatre

The local sport of the island is football and tourists often make their way towards the home clubs to watch a quick game. The National Cyprus Football team has its dwelling ground at the Nicosia stadium.

To have a taste of the traditional Cypriot cuisine, Nicosia serves as an ideal place for it. For mouth-watering food in traditional settings as well as the newly developed love for McDonalds and majority of the famous franchises, tourists find all that in Nicosia. For men and women alike, various spas are available for a relaxing massage and if they’re looking for a night out at the movies, Nicosia offers an extensive diversity of cinemas as well. All in all, it’s a major tourist spot, bustling with visitors from all over the world, especially during summers.

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