Larnaca: Promenade, Castle & Zenobia

Larnaca Castle

The Promenade of Palm Trees:

The boulevard is one of the most pleasant avenues in Larnaca, where tourists mingle with residents of the island breathing into the salty air of the beach and enjoying the serene atmosphere. The active avenue is lined with restaurants serving a variety of cuisine and seafood. It is also one of the most popular board-walks next to the sandy beach, home to the finest hotels, pubs and night clubs. The promenade is busy throughout the year as it floods with tourists and no trip to Cyprus is complete without this adventure. Varied ranges of people blend here, as they enjoy the history and the culture of the island, appreciate art and its traditions, together with food, fun entertainment and a few drinks.

Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement:

This splendid sight is just 35 kilometers outside of Larnaca, and depicts the Neolithic era of Cyprus. Preserved and protected in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list, it is in extremely good condition.

The display also has five structures that were reconstructed from the Neolithic way of life and their living patterns, with objects that were discovered during excavations, giving precise notion of villages during that particular era and how people lived in those times.

A visit to the Choirokoitia Neolithic Settlement is an absolute must to know more about Cyprus’s history and culture.

Larnaka Medieval Castle:

At the end of the promenade of palm trees, stands the ominous Larnaca Medieval castle, found during the Byzantine era. Over the years it was used as a fort, a church, a castle, a hiding place, and more recently a prison and place for capital punishment by the English, up till 1948.

Zenobia Wreck:

The Zenobia was a Swedish ferry that sunk on her journey to Cyprus during the 1980s. The remains of it are now lying beneath the waters where tourists can go for a dive and see the aquatic life as well as the ruins of the Swedish beauty that is resting at her port side at 42 meters, 1.5 kilometer from the shore.

The Zenobia Wreck dive is an absolute must for all serious divers visiting Cyprus who wish to get lost in the beauty of the exotic marine life present here. Infact the sea life is so unique at Zenobia that it is presently rated as the top ten wreck dive sites of the world. Tourists also have the option of picking up glass-bottom boats from the Larnaka marina if they do not wish to go underwater.