Lace, Silver and Wax: Adventures in Lefkara

Lefkara House

The Lefkara village blooms from the foothills of the Troodoos Mountains where picturesque stucco residential and commercial building line the streets that rise gently up and down with the hills. The village has been around for centuries, but the first historical record we can find is in the testament of Saint Neophytos in the 12th century. As you walk the lonely streets of the quiet village at night you can feel the ghost from the Byzantine Empire on forward wonder the streets.

Besides walking with the ghosts, there is plenty of fun to be had with the living in this small village with a tiny population of 1,000 people. Usually during the summer season there are some tourists to be found mingling along streets with the residents who probably were attracted to the quaint village for similar motivations that you’ve decided to make your journey to this village outside of Nicosia, Limassol and Larnaca.

When you are in here we encourage you to check out the lacework and silver crafts that the town specialises in. Frequently you will see elderly ladies, street side handcrafting intricate lace designs that will take your breath away. There are certain things that machines in our industrialized cannot repeat when it comes to intricate lacework. This will become obvious to you when you explore the various lace shops in the town.

You will also want to stop by the Lefkara Wax museum. This museum features hundreds of wax figures that represent different parts of Cyprus history, back to the Bronze Age. It is a quirky way to experience Cyprus history that will show you another aspect of the handcraft items that Lefkara enjoy sporting. Each wax figure on display takes two months for a team to design.

There are chapels, churches and monasteries scattered all over the town to explore if that is your thing. Many of them date back to the 11th century, so even if churches aren’t your cup of tea it can be quite a site to see. If are visiting keep in mind to wear less revealing clothes, and that most places of worship in Cyprus do not allow photographs.

There are plenty of dining and lodging experiences to be had, and you may want to take a couple of days to explore this cute village. You can even camp 20 km out of town at the seaside camping site Governor’s beach.