Kakopetria is a small village in Cyprus, some fifty-five kilometers away from Nicosia. Also famously known as Kaki Petra, it means wicked stone. The legend dates back some thousand years ago that this tiny settlement brought good luck to the newlyweds usually sent there for about a week to soak into its lucky charms and bring back marital bliss. However, during an Earthquake, some stones from a point above the village fell on an unlucky couple and killed them. Hence the name Kakopetria was given birth.

Nowadays, this ancient village is a major tourist attraction for people visiting Cyprus and is established between two banks of river Karyiotis. The river is famous for fishing and has an assortment of great sea-food restaurants. The most important factor that makes this village a fascinating vacation spot is the warm attitude of the residents living here. They are always ready to be a tour-guide, to show travelers their folklore heritage, the rich vegetation and the sparkling river itself. Kakopetria’s geographic location is such that climate is always mild and cooler during night, making it possible for visitors and travelers to enjoy more without sweltering in heat. Kakopetria also has some good hotels which are busy with tourists during summers, and banks with ATM machines installed, so that being out of cash is never a problem. The village is great from an exploring point of view and one can also see a range of small Byzantine churches here.