Get a Unique View of Lefkosia from the Tallest Building in the City

Ledra Museum View

The Ledra Observatory Museum stands out in the skyline of Lefkosia as it towers over the not-so-tall city. Standing at 11 stories high, the actual height is nothing to write home about, but it does host a beautiful view of the entire city. The two towers give it the appearance of a mysterious Mediterranean castle that you will want to explore.

Unfortunately the bottom part of it is actually dedicated to a department store, but we aren’t really here to see the bottom half of it anyways. Once you go up you will enter the Ledra Observatory Museum.

In honestly, the Ledra Observatory “Museum” is not much of a museum. It has some photographs along with some history of the city, but you can look over all the information offered in 15 minutes.

One of the highlights of the video narrative is that you cannot see the green-line from the view 11 stories up, and that the city looks actually united. Wouldn’t it be nice? However, by now you’ve probably figured out it doesn’t appear that the two parts will be united anytime soon. To dampen the mood even more you can actually see some of no-man’s land that has ruins, barb-wire, etc. It may depress you, or fascinate you; it is interesting to see the green-line from an above perspective though.

Anyways, you will get a lovely panoramic view of the city from up here. You will want to bring your camera to take photographs. This place can get really busy during tourist season, so you may expect to wait to get a clear shot. I recommend going early in the morning to avoid some of the crowds, and avoiding it if it is a rainy day.