Five Items that are Integral to the Cyprus Experience

Lefkara Street

Cypriot culture boasts diverse scenery, rich culture, delicious food, unique drink and master craftsmanship. You could spend a lifetime experiencing all the nuances of the islands, but unfortunately most visitors do not have a lifetime. Here are five items that are must haves to have a full Cyprus Experience.

Leather and lace. Cities and villages always have vendors of the local craftsmanship. You can visit Lefkara where specialize in lace. For leather, we recommend looking at the shoes or handbags for items that will last you a very long time.

Zivania. This strong liquor has the essence of raisins with no added sugars or color. You can try it at a local tavern or pick up a bottle of your own. It is created from grapes, and is very strong with a 45% alcohol content. Enjoy wisely!

Wine. Cyprus has a 6,000 year old tradition of wine making. We have some of the tastiest wine in the world. You can visit a variety of wineries or go to a local market to pick up some tasty Cypriot vino. There is nothing like sipping on a glass of wine at a taverna while enjoying some tasty Cypriot meze.

Seafood. We are surrounded by the bountiful Mediterranean which provides us with very fresh seafood. Here is a chance to get fish right off the boat onto the plate. The fresh taste of the fish with traditional Cypriot seasoning will take your taste buds to heaven.

Halloumi. You may have tried Halloumi at home, but halloumi on the island is much more pure. It is a cheese with a high melting point so it can be fired and fried to a delicious consistent. Served with bread it is quite the decadent treat.