Cypriot Sea Monsters

Cyprus is the host of two notorious sea monsters that lurk the waters waiting for unsuspecting tourists for snack-time. Actually, our sea monsters are friendly or maybe non-existent. The search for a sea monster can turn your holiday into a romping adventure.

Off the shore of Cape Greco National Park is where one of our sea monsters dwells. The locals refer to the sea monster as “To Filiko Teras” or “The Friendly the Monster”. The name may not give you chills down your spine, but the description will. To Filiko Teras has six dog-heads protruding from its half maiden, half serpentine torso. If that weren’t scary enough, the monster sports twelve limbs.

So far no one has been able to find the friendly monster, and little in the way of evidence actually exists. However, local fisherman claim that the sea monster drags away fish nets occasionally while waving, with its twelve tentacles, hello.

The second monster is even a bigger mystery. It lives in the biggest dam in Cyprus, the Kouris dam. The monster is named the Ayia Napa sea monster. The government has begun a search for the monster all over the island to see if it actually exists. You can help them in their search, bring your camera.

The Ayia Napa monster is said to look like a crocodile mixed with a serpent. A local once told reporters, “I watched this serpent with my own two eyes, this was no mistake”.

Even if you do not discover the monsters, these are two great destinations. The Kouris dam is a demonstration of Cypriot ingenuity when it comes to keeping drinking water on a tiny island. Cape Greco has dozens of trails, caves, a lighthouse and other areas that you can explore. Do not fear our monsters; there have been no reported incidents. Then again, if no one is left to report it, who would know?!?