Dining in Ayia Napa

Atlas Restaurant Ayia Napa

Everyone has their favorite dining spots in their town. When we travel, we hope to run in the locals’ favorite spots. Sometimes we are successful, other time not so much. Here are two restaurants that you must eat at if you are staying in Ayia Napa or even just in Cyprus. These two spots would be worth the drive.

This restaurant has been open for over twenty years. They have not changed management, and it still run by the family owners. What has kept Atlas up and running is the delicious food, fun setting and friendly staff.

When you walk up to this restaurant you will notice the lovely painted stucco walls surrounded by vibrant plant life. It really is a cute place. Inside the restaurant is usually pretty busy, but it is a large enough space that the crowds aren’t annoying. We would like comment that there are televisions in this restaurant. While we usually find that to put a damper on the dining scene, we didn’t even notice the televisions before we left.

The service is very professional. They pull out your seats for you, and really make you feel at home in the joint. When ordering there is one thing to keep in mind, you must try the pizza. The cheese is high quality, the toppings are generous and the sauce is unforgettable. If you must digress from the pizza menu you can try the unique Italian Meze or the Bolognese calzone.

Each meal is wrapped up with a complimentary coffee liqueur, cream and fresh fruit. It is a really nice touch that reflects on how much the family cares about this place.

Blueberries Restaurant and Bar
Even if you don’t like blueberries, you are going to love dining here. They specialize in salmon and steak dishes. If you do like blueberries, it is very important that you try their blueberry cheesecake. If you don’t, make sure to at least get a dessert. This is one of those dining experience where it wouldn’t be the worst thing to start the meal with dessert.

My favorite dish from Blueberries is the mussels in Ouzo and cream. Follow this with a decadent steak, and there is no way you will leave hungry.

Tucked away off the main streets, the restaurant is not easy to find. Make sure that you look up the location of the restaurant before you head out there. The atmosphere is white table cloth, but still a nice family feel. There also is a nice bar area for the more adult crowds.

How to Get Around Ayia Napa

Getting around Ayia Napa

When travelling to a destination it can be hard to figure out what kind of transportation you will need. In Ayia Napa you have a wide variety of options available to you, depending on what you have in mind for when you get here. Here are some of the options for getting around in Ayia Napa.

On Foot: Ayia Napa is small enough that you can actually reasonably get around by foot. There are lots of sidewalks and a boardwalk for pedestrians to safely get around, but not every road has a sidewalk. This is great for budget travelers who are travelling without any small children. It will also get you some great exercise to walk off all the excesses of vacation.

Bicycle: There are many bicycles that you can rent in various places around Ayia Napa. It is lovely to cycle around the city while gazing out into the Mediterranean. There are also lots of bike lanes that make for a fairly safe experience. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!

Mopeds: These fun little bikes are great to zoom around Ayia Napa. Obviously they are to be avoided if you plan on being intoxicated or irresponsible. Mopeds are not safe for anyone who is fooling around.

Vehicle Rental: Of all of the options, this is the least recommended if you plan in just staying in Ayia Napa. Obviously if you want to explore more of Cyprus, it is a good option for you though. The fact is Ayia Napa doesn’t have the best traffic or parking. Also, Cypriot laws on drinking and driving are very strict, and the last think you want on a vacation is a DUI.

Taxi Rentals: You can find taxis rolling around Ayia Napa at just about any time of day or night. When taking a ride in a taxi, you can negotiate the price to a destination. If you don’t feel comfortable haggling, make sure they turn on their meter.