Cheap Holidays to Cyprus 2017

It’s January and everybody is thinking about their summer holiday already, the cold winter makes us all dream of being in the sun. For those of us less fortunate who cannot jet off to Dubai or the Maldives for a Christmas/Winter break, we are thinking of booking our summer holidays instead. So today we are going to help you find cheap holidays to Cyprus 2017.

So you want to book a cheap holiday to Cyprus, why wouldn’t you with all year round sunshine to enjoy, but, there’s much more to Cyprus than just the sun, sand and sea. People visit Cyprus for a whole number of reasons, Nature, Sports and Training, Golf, Wellness breaks, Food & Drink, Weddings along with the Culture and Religion.

Whatever your reason for visiting Cyprus we’re here to help you choice your destination within Cyprus, so lets take a look at what’s on offer on this beautiful island in the Med.

Paphos / Pafos

Paphos is a very popular destination for holiday makers with lots of things to see and do in and around Paphos. In Paphos there is an old town and a new town, rural villages and picturesque resorts.Aphordite Rock Paphos Cyprus

A popular to visit include the Tomb of the Kings, a large necropolis burial ground situated close to the Paphos harbour. Many of the tombs, which date back to the 4th century BCE, are sculpted out of solid rock. It is believed to be the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high officials, some of the tombs have frescoed walls and Doric columns. The tombs are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their archaeological magnificence.

Another must see is Aphrodite’s Rock, regarded since ancient times as the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love and fertility, which situated along the main road from Paphos to Limassol. According to tradition Aphrodite was born from the waves, Greek myhtology says that if you swim around the rock three times you will find true love.

PaphosCrystallo Apartments22/04/20171 Week£275 pp
PaphosAloe Hotel24/06/20171 Week£484 pp
PaphosSunny Hill Hotel Apartments09/09/20172 Weeks£524 pp

Limassol / Lemesos

Limassol is known as the region of wine, celebrations and ancient realms. It is the second largest city of Cyprus, home to the island’s main port as well as a popular holiday destination.

Situated between two important archaeological sites; the ancient city-kingdom of Amathus to the east, and the ancient city-kingdom of Kourion to the west, Limassol boasts a vast 15km coastal strip lined with restaurants, bars, cafes, shops and entertainment outlets.

LimassolKapetanios Odyssia Hotel14/07/20172 Weeks£709 pp
LimassolMediterranean Beach Hotel14/07/20172 Weeks£1,111 pp
LimassolKapetanios Odyssia Hotel09/09/20172 Weeks£798 pp

Nicosia / Lefkosia

Nicosia, which is also known as Lefkosia, is the capital of Cyprus, in fact it is the last divided capital city in Europe. The city boasts churches with brilliant and elaborate decorations and some of the most important museums and art galleries on the island.

Some of the primary points of interest in Nicosia is the Cyprus museum, which exhibits the largest collection of archaeological artefacts in the island, and the Leventis museum, which displays the city’s history.

Larnaca / Larnaka

Larnaca is one of the oldest cities in Cyprus, and a major seaside resort of the island. Larnaca has beautiful beaches along with many attractions to entertain you on your holidays. Larnaca is perfect for families and anyone wanting to explore the historical content and enjoy the local nightlife.

Larnaca is great for diving lovers, the wreck of Zenobia is a classic dive site in Cyprus. The Swedish vessel sank just 10 miles from Larnaca’s busy fishing harbor on the southern coast of Cyprus, and has a strange story worth investigating.

The Zenobia is often referred to as one of the top wreck dives in the Mediterranean and around the world. This is due to its relatively shallow depth (50 feet), ideal for recreational scuba diving, and the way the 584 feet long boat is lying on her side, accessible and easy to explore. Zenobia sank on her maiden voyage in June of 1980. Her cargo is still scattered around the wreck and is a favorite of her scuba fans.

LarnacaAmorgos Boutique Hotel24/06/20171 Week£396 pp
LarnacaPalm Beach Hotel19/08/20171 Week£865 pp
LarnacaGolden Bay Beach Hotel16/09/20172 Weeks£1,128 pp

Famagusta / Ammochostos

The Famagusta region is famous for it’s crystal waters and golden sandy beaches, comprising the main holiday resorts of Ayia Napa (Agia Napa), Paralimni and Protaras.Nissi Beach Ayia Napa Cyprus

The stunning coastlines of the region are further enhanced by the vibrant nightlife, fishing harbours, Medieval Churches and traditional villages, the perfect combination for the ideal holiday.

Ayia Napa has some beautiful beaches, the ideal white sands and crystal clear blue-green seas. Nissi beach and Makronissos beach being the most popular.

Ayia NapaAnthea Apartments20/05/20171 Week£310 pp
Ayia NapaNapa Plaza Hotel22/07/20172 Weeks£1,178 pp
ProtarasTsokkos Gardens Hotel02/09/20172 Weeks£790 pp

Cheap Holidays to Cyprus 2017 Takeaways

There are so many reasons why you would be looking for cheap holidays to Cyprus 2017, you wont find many beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and Cyprus has something for everyone, steeped in history, fantastic architecture, beautiful beaches, delicious food and drink and lively nightlife island wide.

Dining in Ayia Napa

Atlas Restaurant Ayia Napa

Everyone has their favorite dining spots in their town. When we travel, we hope to run in the locals’ favorite spots. Sometimes we are successful, other time not so much. Here are two restaurants that you must eat at if you are staying in Ayia Napa or even just in Cyprus. These two spots would be worth the drive.

This restaurant has been open for over twenty years. They have not changed management, and it still run by the family owners. What has kept Atlas up and running is the delicious food, fun setting and friendly staff.

When you walk up to this restaurant you will notice the lovely painted stucco walls surrounded by vibrant plant life. It really is a cute place. Inside the restaurant is usually pretty busy, but it is a large enough space that the crowds aren’t annoying. We would like comment that there are televisions in this restaurant. While we usually find that to put a damper on the dining scene, we didn’t even notice the televisions before we left.

The service is very professional. They pull out your seats for you, and really make you feel at home in the joint. When ordering there is one thing to keep in mind, you must try the pizza. The cheese is high quality, the toppings are generous and the sauce is unforgettable. If you must digress from the pizza menu you can try the unique Italian Meze or the Bolognese calzone.

Each meal is wrapped up with a complimentary coffee liqueur, cream and fresh fruit. It is a really nice touch that reflects on how much the family cares about this place.

Blueberries Restaurant and Bar
Even if you don’t like blueberries, you are going to love dining here. They specialize in salmon and steak dishes. If you do like blueberries, it is very important that you try their blueberry cheesecake. If you don’t, make sure to at least get a dessert. This is one of those dining experience where it wouldn’t be the worst thing to start the meal with dessert.

My favorite dish from Blueberries is the mussels in Ouzo and cream. Follow this with a decadent steak, and there is no way you will leave hungry.

Tucked away off the main streets, the restaurant is not easy to find. Make sure that you look up the location of the restaurant before you head out there. The atmosphere is white table cloth, but still a nice family feel. There also is a nice bar area for the more adult crowds.

The Perfect Place for a Honeymoon in Cyprus

Cyprus Honeymoon

Cyprus is the perfect place to honeymoon, but for those wanting a little extra luck from their honeymoon; Kakopetria is the perfect village to visit in Cyprus. According to legend a line of stones above the village is good luck for newlyweds. Some of the luck ran out though, and during an earthquake stones of the ridge killed a couple. We still like to think it has brought luck to many a happy couple. Plus, Earthquakes are a very rare occurrence in Cyprus.

The town is located outside of Nicosia near the Troodoos Mountains. Astounding views of the mountains can take in from any point in the village. The Karyiotis River calmly flows through the village to add to the astounding beauty of this small Cyprus village. The village is quite popular with the tourists, so if you want a really quiet vacation you may want to try going off peak season.

While you are in the village there a plenty of little tavernas to try out for meze and vino. You can visit the ancient church the Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis church. The inside of the church holds really old frescoes along with vibrantly colored interior. No photos are allowed inside, and you probably should dress modestly to visit. You can also try exploring the nearby Troodoos Mountains which have countless trails to hike and explore.

For lodging we highly recommend the Marjay Inn. It is off the main road in Kakpetria, so you can really get a good night sleep here. The rooms are very comfortable with balconies and patios facing the picturesque back garden. Make sure to eat here at least once. Ask the inn owner, Eleni, to make you the trout if available. I have never tasted a trout so divinely flavored as the one Eleni makes.

Cypriot Sea Monsters

Cyprus is the host of two notorious sea monsters that lurk the waters waiting for unsuspecting tourists for snack-time. Actually, our sea monsters are friendly or maybe non-existent. The search for a sea monster can turn your holiday into a romping adventure.

Off the shore of Cape Greco National Park is where one of our sea monsters dwells. The locals refer to the sea monster as “To Filiko Teras” or “The Friendly the Monster”. The name may not give you chills down your spine, but the description will. To Filiko Teras has six dog-heads protruding from its half maiden, half serpentine torso. If that weren’t scary enough, the monster sports twelve limbs.

So far no one has been able to find the friendly monster, and little in the way of evidence actually exists. However, local fisherman claim that the sea monster drags away fish nets occasionally while waving, with its twelve tentacles, hello.

The second monster is even a bigger mystery. It lives in the biggest dam in Cyprus, the Kouris dam. The monster is named the Ayia Napa sea monster. The government has begun a search for the monster all over the island to see if it actually exists. You can help them in their search, bring your camera.

The Ayia Napa monster is said to look like a crocodile mixed with a serpent. A local once told reporters, “I watched this serpent with my own two eyes, this was no mistake”.

Even if you do not discover the monsters, these are two great destinations. The Kouris dam is a demonstration of Cypriot ingenuity when it comes to keeping drinking water on a tiny island. Cape Greco has dozens of trails, caves, a lighthouse and other areas that you can explore. Do not fear our monsters; there have been no reported incidents. Then again, if no one is left to report it, who would know?!?

Akti Olympion: A Beautiful Beach on the City Front

The mesmerising blue waters on the beach Akti Olympion curl around the large city of Limassol. The gentle rock covered beaches and soft gray sand are inviting to swimmers, and it is nearly impossible to resist taking a dip in the calm and warm soft blue waters of the sea. The beach is open every day from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The waves are usually mild, but it can get a bit choppy out there sometimes.

The beach is frequently crowded with tourists, locals and ex-pats catching some rays and cooling off during the hot Cyprus summers. There is great people watching to be had next to the city side beach that has a very cosmopolitan feel for a beach. You can just stroll along the beach on the pedestrian path that is maintained very well with pink pavers or you can take your time to linger on the beach or pier.

Akti Olympion is accommodated with all the amenities you could ask from a beach. For a safety there are lifeguards on duty most of the time. There are changing rooms, toilets, showers, umbrellas, lounging equipment and disabled access. At different point you will find piers, kiosks, bicycles for hire and information points about the surrounding areas.

Once you are done with the beach there are lots of things to explore right next to the beach. There are lots of children’s playgrounds for the kids to get a break from the beach. For the grownups, Limassol is well known for its pubs, but you can also find cafes, restaurants and tavernas for those looking for something a little different. A historical center for the port and old town Limassol are now underway, and it is interesting to poke around to see the progress on those projects.

With all the surrounding things to do a visit to Akti Olympion truly is more than just another day at the beach. It is an adventure that will allow you to explore the second largest city in Cyprus.

How to Get Around Ayia Napa

Getting around Ayia Napa

When travelling to a destination it can be hard to figure out what kind of transportation you will need. In Ayia Napa you have a wide variety of options available to you, depending on what you have in mind for when you get here. Here are some of the options for getting around in Ayia Napa.

On Foot: Ayia Napa is small enough that you can actually reasonably get around by foot. There are lots of sidewalks and a boardwalk for pedestrians to safely get around, but not every road has a sidewalk. This is great for budget travelers who are travelling without any small children. It will also get you some great exercise to walk off all the excesses of vacation.

Bicycle: There are many bicycles that you can rent in various places around Ayia Napa. It is lovely to cycle around the city while gazing out into the Mediterranean. There are also lots of bike lanes that make for a fairly safe experience. Don’t forget to wear your helmet!

Mopeds: These fun little bikes are great to zoom around Ayia Napa. Obviously they are to be avoided if you plan on being intoxicated or irresponsible. Mopeds are not safe for anyone who is fooling around.

Vehicle Rental: Of all of the options, this is the least recommended if you plan in just staying in Ayia Napa. Obviously if you want to explore more of Cyprus, it is a good option for you though. The fact is Ayia Napa doesn’t have the best traffic or parking. Also, Cypriot laws on drinking and driving are very strict, and the last think you want on a vacation is a DUI.

Taxi Rentals: You can find taxis rolling around Ayia Napa at just about any time of day or night. When taking a ride in a taxi, you can negotiate the price to a destination. If you don’t feel comfortable haggling, make sure they turn on their meter.

Diving in Ayia Napa with Olympian Divers

Diving in Cyprus

We love this group of guides, and not just cause of their good looks and Cypriot charm. Olympian Divers are a company that takes customer service all the way to make a great diving experience for anyone, from the amateur to the experience divers. You will always walk away from their expeditions a little more skilled at diving.

One experience that highlights their care of amateurs is with a four year old a man brought into the shop. The boy didn’t even know how to swim when he came in, and was intimidated to swim without his arm floating. The guide working at the desk helped the little guy learn how to swim after selling the little boy his first snorkel and goggles.

These guys will take you on a range of dives for beginners to more advance. For beginners, they will take you to close off their main quarters, not too far from shore. When they take you, they make sure that everyone learns what they need to know. You aren’t just shown a video; the guide will specifically make sure any concerns or questions are answered. The calm, clear and warm water of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for beginner divers, and you will happen to be diving in a very bio-diverse landscape off of the shores of Ayia Napa.

If you feel a little more comfortable diving, there are some other great expeditions available. One of the more infamous is the Zenobia dive. The MS Zenobia was a ship that sank off the shores of Larnaca after having engineering issues. No one was killed, so don’t worry about any underwater ghosts. On the dive you will get to see the ship up close and personal. They will even let you sit on one of the life boats of the Zenobia.

Another picturesque dive will take you to Cape Greco. A protected natural park, this area has breath taking seascapes. Be wary though. The legendary Ayia Napa sea monster is rumored to live in these waters. We think it worth the risk to check out some of the Cape Greco caves. Also, here you’ll even get a chance to feed the fish.

Diving is a great way to experience Cyprus in a complete new light. Olympian Divers are the way to go if you choose to take an adventure while you are on holiday.

We invite divers and non-divers alike to enjoy with us the underwater delights that this unique island has to offer. Dive unspoilt landscapes that have remained preserved for thousands of years, swim amongst friendly marine life in warm, calm, crystal clear waters. Whatever your diving experience we have something for everyone. Welcome to Scuba diving in the Mediterranean, & the beautiful island of Cyprus

Why Rent a Villa in Cyprus?

Cyprus Villas

If you are planning for a week-long holiday in Cyprus, you may want to consider renting a villa. For those of you who don’t know, a villa is a private house or beach house you can rent for a week in Cyprus.

My favourite part about renting a villa during holiday is being able to make meals from local produce, being able to be out by the pool creating a BBQ for the family. Without a kitchen, holidays can get very expensive. Having every meal out every day at a restaurant while on holiday, even with relatively low Cypriot prices, can add up very quickly to make holidays very expensive. On top of that, once you have explored Cypriot markets with fresh fruits, vegetables and meat you may be extremely tempted to cook. While on holiday, we don’t want to cook every meal, it is nice to have the option.

Besides saving on food, usually it is cheaper per day to rent a villa. Even in some of the more extravagant villas in Cyprus, it is much cheaper to rent a place than pay nightly fees at most hotels. There are villas to match just about anyone’s budget, but be weary some villas are cheap due to them being located in less than ideal areas. Besides not having a maid to turn your sheets over, there is very few advantages to most hotel amenities when compared to the amenities of a villa.

What about a pool? A lot of villas in Cyprus will have a swimming pool. It gets very hot in Cyprus, so we love our pools. Even without a pool, it will encourage you to get out to the beach more often.

Villas are like a home away from home. Some people rent the same villa every time they come to Cyprus. There is something nice about having a familiar home base while you are off holidaying in a foreign country.

Five Items that are Integral to the Cyprus Experience

Lefkara Street

Cypriot culture boasts diverse scenery, rich culture, delicious food, unique drink and master craftsmanship. You could spend a lifetime experiencing all the nuances of the islands, but unfortunately most visitors do not have a lifetime. Here are five items that are must haves to have a full Cyprus Experience.

Leather and lace. Cities and villages always have vendors of the local craftsmanship. You can visit Lefkara where specialize in lace. For leather, we recommend looking at the shoes or handbags for items that will last you a very long time.

Zivania. This strong liquor has the essence of raisins with no added sugars or color. You can try it at a local tavern or pick up a bottle of your own. It is created from grapes, and is very strong with a 45% alcohol content. Enjoy wisely!

Wine. Cyprus has a 6,000 year old tradition of wine making. We have some of the tastiest wine in the world. You can visit a variety of wineries or go to a local market to pick up some tasty Cypriot vino. There is nothing like sipping on a glass of wine at a taverna while enjoying some tasty Cypriot meze.

Seafood. We are surrounded by the bountiful Mediterranean which provides us with very fresh seafood. Here is a chance to get fish right off the boat onto the plate. The fresh taste of the fish with traditional Cypriot seasoning will take your taste buds to heaven.

Halloumi. You may have tried Halloumi at home, but halloumi on the island is much more pure. It is a cheese with a high melting point so it can be fired and fried to a delicious consistent. Served with bread it is quite the decadent treat.

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