Akti Olympion: A Beautiful Beach on the City Front

The mesmerising blue waters on the beach Akti Olympion curl around the large city of Limassol. The gentle rock covered beaches and soft gray sand are inviting to swimmers, and it is nearly impossible to resist taking a dip in the calm and warm soft blue waters of the sea. The beach is open every day from 9:00am to 5:00pm. The waves are usually mild, but it can get a bit choppy out there sometimes.

The beach is frequently crowded with tourists, locals and ex-pats catching some rays and cooling off during the hot Cyprus summers. There is great people watching to be had next to the city side beach that has a very cosmopolitan feel for a beach. You can just stroll along the beach on the pedestrian path that is maintained very well with pink pavers or you can take your time to linger on the beach or pier.

Akti Olympion is accommodated with all the amenities you could ask from a beach. For a safety there are lifeguards on duty most of the time. There are changing rooms, toilets, showers, umbrellas, lounging equipment and disabled access. At different point you will find piers, kiosks, bicycles for hire and information points about the surrounding areas.

Once you are done with the beach there are lots of things to explore right next to the beach. There are lots of children’s playgrounds for the kids to get a break from the beach. For the grownups, Limassol is well known for its pubs, but you can also find cafes, restaurants and tavernas for those looking for something a little different. A historical center for the port and old town Limassol are now underway, and it is interesting to poke around to see the progress on those projects.

With all the surrounding things to do a visit to Akti Olympion truly is more than just another day at the beach. It is an adventure that will allow you to explore the second largest city in Cyprus.