Diving in Ayia Napa with Olympian Divers

Diving in Cyprus

We love this group of guides, and not just cause of their good looks and Cypriot charm. Olympian Divers are a company that takes customer service all the way to make a great diving experience for anyone, from the amateur to the experience divers. You will always walk away from their expeditions a little more skilled at diving.

One experience that highlights their care of amateurs is with a four year old a man brought into the shop. The boy didn’t even know how to swim when he came in, and was intimidated to swim without his arm floating. The guide working at the desk helped the little guy learn how to swim after selling the little boy his first snorkel and goggles.

These guys will take you on a range of dives for beginners to more advance. For beginners, they will take you to close off their main quarters, not too far from shore. When they take you, they make sure that everyone learns what they need to know. You aren’t just shown a video; the guide will specifically make sure any concerns or questions are answered. The calm, clear and warm water of the Mediterranean is the perfect place for beginner divers, and you will happen to be diving in a very bio-diverse landscape off of the shores of Ayia Napa.

If you feel a little more comfortable diving, there are some other great expeditions available. One of the more infamous is the Zenobia dive. The MS Zenobia was a ship that sank off the shores of Larnaca after having engineering issues. No one was killed, so don’t worry about any underwater ghosts. On the dive you will get to see the ship up close and personal. They will even let you sit on one of the life boats of the Zenobia.

Another picturesque dive will take you to Cape Greco. A protected natural park, this area has breath taking seascapes. Be wary though. The legendary Ayia Napa sea monster is rumored to live in these waters. We think it worth the risk to check out some of the Cape Greco caves. Also, here you’ll even get a chance to feed the fish.

Diving is a great way to experience Cyprus in a complete new light. Olympian Divers are the way to go if you choose to take an adventure while you are on holiday.

We invite divers and non-divers alike to enjoy with us the underwater delights that this unique island has to offer. Dive unspoilt landscapes that have remained preserved for thousands of years, swim amongst friendly marine life in warm, calm, crystal clear waters. Whatever your diving experience we have something for everyone. Welcome to Scuba diving in the Mediterranean, & the beautiful island of Cyprus