A Mountain Town in Cyprus: Kalopanayiotis


The Guardian recently wrote a piece on their lovely experience in Kalopanayiotis, and it inspired us to feature an article on the quaint mountain village. This town is nestled outside of Kyrenia in the Troodoos Mountains. There is everything from drink, food, religion, skiing and art to experience in the village. We love a little bit of everything in Cyprus.

Byzantino restaurants is the place to dine in the village town. It is a restaurant that tourist and local alike travel to, to get a wonderfully locally sourced meal. Kalopanayiotis is famous for the trout, so you really should order it when you go. As usual, the Cyprus meze lets you try a little bit of everything. For a meze at Byzantino for two the cost is 25 euro for an upscale dining experience.

You can tackle art and religion by visiting the church and monastery of Saint John Lampaditstis that dates back to the 11 century. It features frescoes from many different time periods, including the Byzantine and Renaissance. It is amazing to see the frescoes dominate the church from floor to ceiling, and will impress the most secular of visitors.

For lodging you must stay in the Casale Panayiotis, an upscale, small boutique that only has 29 rooms. It is a refurbished stable, but you most certainly can’t tell that it used to be a place where the barn animals slept. With tall wood beams and stone walls it is the perfect décor to suite your stay in the Troodoos mountains.

To get a glimpse of nature make sure to enjoy hiking, biking and skiing. For the more tame folks, you can go see the fresh mineral springs from a Venetian stone bridge.

There is no shortage of fun to be had in Kalopanayiotis. The tourism truly helps keep the small community going through the year, so that the village can continue its prosperity.