A Little Bit about South Nicosia

South Nicosia Street

Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world. You can thankfully travel from one end to the other end of the divided city with 24 hour checkpoints, but it truly is an interesting site to see the divide. Tourists will frequently walk along the green line to see the division of the capital, and isn’t a bad stroll to take for anyone.

Besides the obvious division of the city, Nicosia is a great place to get away from the beach tourists during the summer. The hot heat on the streets make the city not as popular with tourists, and it truly is fun to experience the country’s locals. Keep in mind to always carry water and sun screen, because the summer sun is very cruel in Nicosia.

In the city you will find great restaurants, clubs, tavernas and all sorts of night life that will match anyone’s speed. You could spend weeks in Nicosia without experiencing all of the nightlife.

Beyond that there are a large amount of museums, archaeological sites and other points of interest for the academics or those who just want to learn a thing or two about the country they are visiting.

You can easily get around the city on foot, bus and taxi. You can rent a car if you wish, but remember that Cyprus has a 0 tolerance policy for drinking and driving. Plus, there is so much you miss visually when you are driving a car rather than strolling along.

There is no shortage of accommodations if you want to stay in the city. From cheap youth hostels to fancy chain hotels, you can find something that matches your budgetary needs. We highly recommend the Hilton Park Nicosia hotel if you will not be getting to a beach. They have one of the most beautiful pools in the city.