A Guide to Cyprus Nightlife

No matter where you are in Cyprus you will be able to find somewhere to indulge your enjoyment in the nightlife. Whether it is in a small taverna you stumbled up on in a village or having a bottle of wine on the beach with your sweetheart, nighttimes are magical in Cyprus.

When you really want a going out scene, you will need to hit up either Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol and/or Phaphos. All have a little something different to offer, let us give you an overview.

Ayia Napa- If you really love partying in a crowd, this is a top European city of the nightlife. In short, you must stop by for at least one night. More than 20 nightclubs are along the main strip, in between those are bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants. Some places stay up as late as 6 am for those who want to dance the night away.

Larnaca- Bars, cafes and tavernas line the beachfront, and before you know it you’ll be swaying with the palm trees. If you want something a little more quiet and romantic, there are theatres and lots of restaurants scattered through-out the city.

Limassol- The nightlife scene here is pretty much a less crowded version of Ayia Napa with a refined twist that matches more mature tastes. If you are not into crowds, this is the going out city for you.

Paphos- This city features more family-friendly entertainment, but there are some bars and clubs for those seeking night life. This could be good for parents who can leave the kids behind for a night to explore, but don’t have to worry about the kids being in danger.

Nicosia- A city that is pretty full of itself, but it definitely has earned the more heady attitude. The bars, cafes and clubs have a more cosmopolitan feel that are, of course, a little more expensive. Great for those who want to deal a more tame crowd with refined taste.